Бельгия, пригороды Брюсселя

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The Wavre radio transmitter is a facility for mediumwave, shortwave, FM and TV broadcasting near Wavre in Belgium. For the mediumwave transmissions it uses a grounded 250-metre high guyed mast. Furthermore there is a backup mast for medium wave transmissions, which is 90 metres high. For shortwave broadcasting several directional antennas and a curtain antenna are used. The towers are two of the tallest structures in Belgium.
For the FM/TV transmission a free standing lattice tower with a height of 232 metres is used. This tower whose top is guyed at four horizontal crossbars similar to Grodno TV Tower replaces the mast used for FM/TV transmissions which fell during a storm on October 13th, 1983.



Wavre - Zoning nord

Site d'émission : RTBF, Chaussée de Bruxelles 427, 1300 Wavre

Altitude du site : 100m
Hauteur de l'antenne : 230m

Coordonnée : 50N44 - 04E35
Direction à viser et distance suivant votre lieu d'habitation

Radio FM

La Première   VivaCité   Pure FM
96.1 Mhz   97.3 Mhz   101.1 Mhz
PAR : 10 kw   PAR : 500 w   PAR : 35 kw

Radio numérique (DAB)

225.648 Mhz
PAR : 2 kw
Carte de couverture

TV numérique (DVB-T)

Canal 56H
PAR : 50 kw
Chaines composant le multiplex et info sur une possible offre TNT

Carte de couverture

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